• V8 Monster Trike

    The philosophy while building custom choppers is;
    as little as possible visible fasteners, cables, pipes
    and brackets. Most of the cosmetic components have
    to be as shiny as possible.


  • V8 Trike Development

    The design had to incorporate an anti-squat geometry,
    massive sway bar, air springs with adjustable pressure
    and triangulated space frame.


South Africa has more than 220 sunny days per year.

Limited enforcing of the speed limits combined with some of the best roads.

Modern industry and technologies.

Friendly business environment and great infrastructure.

Expensive imported performance vehicles.

What more could you need before deciding to build something like this? 

V8 Trike

Shiny Sunday cruiser with the potential to outperform some of the most praised and expensive cars out there. Something unique, impressive, arrogant, shiny and generally very special. This was never meant to be liked by everyone, it takes a certain breed of people to appreciate this beast.

In a world full of Political Correctness, Al Gore's hypocrites and various other restrictive fun-killers, we find a severe shortage of V8 Twin Turbo custom built stainless steel Trikes.

Our friends at the Popular Mechanics magazine also find this interesting.


The trike is extremely tame and easy to drive with it's light controls, while suspension geometry and a low center of gravity enables very stable high speed behavior.

As seen on the videos, controlling the beast comes easy even for a tender girl.

Videos here.

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